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Meet ThePlanetShaker Partners

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Colleen Robertson


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Nancy Grace McMillan


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Colleen Robertson was raised in San Jose, California, coming from a big family and being the middle child, Colleen has learned how to be resilient, flexible, and assertive when needed. Being an athlete...playing soccer for 30 years of her life, she has learned to be a team player and turn challenges and losses into opportunities. She started her Marketing and Sales career in Silicon Valley growing up watching and participating in the growth of Silicon Valley/Bay Area.  


Colleen started her career working in a Floppy Disk, GPS and ASIC Design organization in the Sales and Marketing Departments.  From there, she extended her career working with several Silicon Valley startups and distribution sales organizations that handled high-level accounts in Silicon Valley and beyond.  Over the years, she has worn many hats, and has learned all the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities in business.  With a strong business background, her love and expertise have led her to focus on Marketing and PR.  She also has exceptional knowledge of business processes, technology, and what it takes to complete projects.  She has a determination, energy, passion, and love for people that is contagious.

Colleen has also been on the Board of Directors and assisted several nonprofit organizations over the past twenty years.  One of Colleen's passions is working with organizations in the area of domestic violence, sexual assault, and women's recovery lifting up women. 


In 2012, Colleen moved to Sacramento County and her expertise in sales, strategic marketing, and public relations have led her today to her current business partner Nancy Grace McMillan.  We both found that each of our backgrounds and skills intersected into a powerful force.   Nancy Grace calls Colleen the computer GEEK that has brains, beauty, and brawn. 

MESSAGE from Colleen:

Nancy Grace and I are very excited and honored to work with so many dynamic, interesting, and beautiful women in business. Our wish is to participate and watch women grow and flourish.  We are grateful too for the men that support and love those women.  The PlanetShaker's quote is that  "behind every successful woman is another successful woman lifting her up."  We look forward to the opportunity to meet more women that are true PlanetShakers.

Nancy Grace McMillan (aka Nancy Grace of Sacramento) grew up in the sunny and sometimes stormy state of Florida.  Nancy is a loving mother, wife, daughter, and sister to many.  Nancy Grace is a thriver in so many ways, being a daughter of a father who had MS, in a family that depended heavily on her mother, and the kids to make things happen.  Nancy is a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivor, her life work and determination has led her to turn her sorrows and struggles into an inspirational story of Living Your Best Life and Living in Purpose. Nancy Grace is a firecracker and dynamo in her own right.  She was always a natural entrepreneur and resourceful knowing that she had to use the resources, her faith in God, and relationships around her to make a better life.  Her partner, Colleen says she is one of the most resourceful and visionaries she has met.  Her insight and vision is truly a gift. 


Nancy Grace was previously the West Coast Regional Director of Operations of Inspiration 4 Life Community and Multi-Media Network.  Nancy Grace is a PR, Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Networking expert.   She has been a PR Emcee for organizations and events around the country.  She is a radio and TV Host personality produced Inspirations 4 Life and Living Out Loud LOL TV now active in Sacramento, California.   Nancy Grace is currently a Community Outreach Leader co-facilitating the Aim High Leadership program for girls in Sacramento. 

You will hear Nancy Grace over the years use the term Planetshakers ALOT!!  A PlanetShaker is a World Change, History Maker, and Kingdom Builder.  Well, there is a story behind this phrase... How and why did PlanetShaker come about? It actually occurred after a coaching conversation Nancy had with a client which turned into a life-session and life- lesson with a 91 years old women.  After the session with this amazing women, Nancy told her she was powerful and had a purpose, it was like a foreign language, Nancy then realized how many women go their whole lives and never hear that they are too the PlanetShakers on this earth...speaking life into them!   So...this is how it all began, Nancy used this term PlanetShakers to all her clients and everyone in her life.  This led Nancy with the inspiration to have a company, ThePlanetShakers that uplift inspire and give life to other women.  


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